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  • Saves up to 40% of energy costs; self-adhesive, long-lasting silicone profile

  • Durability: 15 years; extremely weather UV and ozone-resistant

  • One size fits all gap sizes from 1 to 7 mm; wipe-clean

  • Easy to apply and to fit without screws or nails

  • Temperature-resistant from -50° to +60 degrees Celsius

  • Especially older windows are not always as tight as you expect them to be. Especially wooden windows deteriorate in course of time and develop small gaps between the frame and the window itself. This not only allows cold outside air to penetrate into the room, it also calls for more energy to keep the room as warm as you want it to be. tesamoll Premium Flexible is the ultimate draught excluder and window seal to put an end to such a situation.

    Long-lasting silicone sealing

    tesamoll Premium Flexible is a window sealing profile made of highly flexible and weather resistant silicone. It is a self-adhesive Premium-quality draught excluder that is extremely resistant against adverse weather, UV rays and ozone. It is guaranteed to last for at least 15 years and able to maintain its superior characteristics within a temperature range from -50 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius.

    Strong wind stopper seal for easy application

    tesamoll Premium Flexible is made for easy DIY installation without the need to drill holes or use any special tools. Simply clean the surface with alcohol or a silicone-free household detergent, stick the window sealing tape along the profile of the window frame and enjoy the fact that you have reached a new level of window insulation.

    One size fits all

    tesamoll Premium Flexible is a silicone sealing tape that can be used to reliably seal gaps between 1 mm and 7 mm. This makes it a perfect solution especially for older windows that require a highly flexible draught excluder to adapt to gaps of all sizes.

    Saving energy, reducing heating costs

    Cold draughts not only makes you feel uncomfortable, it also forces you to turn up the heating in order to compensate for the constant flow of outside air. This translates into higher energy consumption and a considerably higher heating bill. If all windows of a house are sealed with Premium-quality tesamoll Premium Flexible, energy costs can be reduced by maximum up to 40 per cent.

    Box Contains

    1 x Roll of 6 m

    tesa UK Flexible Draught Excluder 6 m x 9 mm - Transparent - KME9MPA1H